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Sustainably Sourced - The Whale Boardroom Furniture

Sustainability – one of the most looked for requirements of the current era, where eco-friendly credentials mean everything, and products are designed with more than just the appearance in mind.

So, what exactly is sustainability? Some features of a sustainable product include:

· It enhances lives.

· It creates opportunities for economic prosperity.

· It fosters environmental responsibility.

· It embraces design excellence.

· It demonstrates visionary leadership and right values.

The Whale Boardroom Table and Whale Tail Chairs from Nomique are a perfect example…

Made by Vepa in The Netherlands, they're made from plastic bottles fished from the canals of Amsterdam.

‘The process of turning the PET bottles into felt is completely sustainable. The PET bottles that are fished from the canals are washed, shredded and pressed into granules and strung into fibres. The granules are used to create PET foam and the fibres are turned into PET felt. Vepa incorporate, not just the waste from Plastic Whale, but their own waste, to form the remainder of the materials within the collection. For example, the base of the chair is a product of their own steel waste’.

Facts about the Whale Boardroom Table:

· The tabletop is crafted from layers of recycled PET felt, recycled PET foam and FSC® birch wood.

· 672 recycled PET bottles are used to manufacture the PET foam for one tabletop.

· 332 PET bottles are used for the PET felt

· The table’s legs are carved from robust, sustainably sourced oak.

Facts about the Whale Tail Chairs:

· Cast iron base is manufactured from locally melted steel waste from Vepa’s factory

· Seat back: pressed PET felt from 67 recycled PET bottles

· Seat shell: plywood with a top layer of oak veneer

· Legs: FSC® certified wood

· The upholstered seat cushion is ecologically produced and can be reused after end-of- life.

What more could you ask for when looking for sustainable workplace furniture!

Find out more about the Whale Circular Furniture on the Nomique website here.

Or to see how it would look in your boardroom, get in touch for 3D visuals and a space plan.

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