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2022 - The year to update your office.

The year is 2022... the world is opening up again after two long years of COVID inflicted lockdown, but nothing will ever be the same...

Including the enormous world of business... over the last two years many have got used to zero-commuting times, flexible working from home routines and a choice of seating (sofa or home office?), not to mention being within easy reach of a whole kitchen full of drinks and snacks.

So it is possible to return to the old ways of working with rows of desks, uncomfortable office chairs and a single water cooler for refreshment?

Zoom calls have reduced the need to travel for some, appointments and team meetings can be often be carried out remotely, and technology has been advancing to make the original office layout almost redundant... there's still a place for it but the future of the office is going to be very different.

Flexibility is the key to keeping up to date and retaining top talent... movable walls, hot desking, soft seating areas for quick catch ups, quiet rooms and spaces for serious work or calls, spaces for collaboration and project work, comfortable break out areas and canteens.

Each business will need a different layout based on their objectives, the type of work they do, number of staff and much more... we can help with the collation of ideas, furniture suggestions and designing of a practical and motivating workplace that staff will just love to come back to!

Take a look through the gallery below for some ideas or send us an email to discuss your commercial interior designs:

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